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Extended Handwheel
The Chester Zephyr Extended Handwheel hoist is operated at a distance from the load, protecting the load from contact with the hand chain and making it easier to handle large, flat or bulky loads. Capacities from 1/2 to 2 tons are standard but consult our experts for higher capacities. The standard extension is 36 inches but more or less extension is available to meet your specific application. These units feature the same heavy duty components common to our Zephyr product line. A handwheel and swinging guard mounted on a shaft extension are coupled to the hoist mechanism. The hoist can be suspended from fixed supports or from trolleys for versatility. For even more versatility, the extended handwheel feature can be adapted to other styles of Zephyr Hoists. Please contact our experts with your specific application.

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134-1/2 8' 1/2 10' 78
134-1 8' 1 10' 84
134-1 1/2 8' 1 1/2 10' 115
134-2 8' 2 10' 125
134-3 8' 3 10' 162
Capacities beyond 2 Ton contact factory.
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